Terms & Conditions

By being a customer and purchasing from SAKUARTSHOP, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page:

As the buyer, you are responsible for paying for any customs and/or duty fees as per your country’s regulations for all parcels sent from me. Unfortunately I cannot change nor guarantee whether there will or will not be custom fees as this varies per country. Please be prepared to pay the duties that may come with the parcel as I cannot be held responsible and will not reimburse any orders' fees.

Please input the correct address the parcel is to be sent to! Addresses are the buyer’s responsibility, and I will not be held responsible or resend a parcel if it was sent to the wrong address or lost in transit due to a wrong address written on the buyer's part. Please keep me up to date with any address changes, and if the parcel has not been shipped out, I can change the address for you. But once the parcel has been sent out, I no longer have any control over it!

We do not accept refunds or returns! If you have an issue with your order we can gladly try to work something out by contacting us here!

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