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1: Neon Lights 霓虹燈
I’ve always had a fascination with the iconic neon signs in Hong Kong; although they’re now getting removed slowly one by one because of safety measures, being under them during rainy nights, seeing the bright vibrant colours reflected through the puddles on the floor always gave me a sense of wonder :””

2: Stationary Shop 文具舖
I remember as a kid, the place I loved the most on earth was these old stationery shops (the more toys displayed at the front the better the shop is ). After any big exam, my parents would bring me to one of these stores, and allow me to buy a few of my favourite things as a way of encouragement. Walking into these stores filled with endless pens, notebooks and toys (literally endless that they would display items up to the ceiling) was like transporting the little elementary school me into wonderland. Although now these shops are disappearing one by one (the store near my house closed around 6 years ago... I wanted to draw something to dedicate to one of my fav places not only in my hometown but in the whole world.

3: Afterschool Milk Tea 課後茶餐廳
Coming back home after my first year in college, I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around the streets alone; be it exploring parts of the city I’ve never been before, or just absorbing the local culture that I was so deprived of while being away (lol). Wandering around by myself so much, I was then reminded of the artist Edward Hopper (whom I studied so much in high school + one of my fav painters), and how he would always paint the solitude and loneliness of urban life. Mixing that with my craving for HK food, this piece was thus born :-)