THANKS Enamel Charity Pin

Sold out $10.00 USD

Gratitude is known as the "antidote to dissatisfaction". Hopefully through this pin, I can remind everyone to be grateful to the people and things around them, even to the smallest things.

❀ Two components to the pin, the main heart body and the smaller cherry blossom flower!
❀ The heart is about 45mm wide, and the flower is 10mm wide!
❀ ALL PROFITS OF THIS PIN will be donated to the Sovereign Art Foundation, a local organisation providing arts to children in need!
❀ I will be doing a free face drawing service — which you can select if you want me to draw a random face (it can be cute (^u^), dead inside _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):, who knows? I will be doing it in permanent marker so if you can always erase (with alcohol) and add your own haha!! >:D
❀ (SOLD OUT!!) You can choose to donate more (for a worthy cause ^^) The manufacturers are still in the process of shipping me the special limited edition (a version with pink sparkles instead of red) for those who choose to donate more!
❀10USD = 78HKD; 13USD = 101.4HKD